Neuralink — Future of Humanity? (Photo Source:

Did you ever feel intense or stress out by learning anything? While you have this feeling, what would come to your mind? When it comes to learning English or a new skill, ordinary people usually sense pressure. They sometimes want to give up immediately, especially when there’s a goal needing…

Imagine this, when your deceased siblings, friends, or loved ones can be mourned online or in virtual scenes, what would it look like, and what would you feel? Would it be horrible, extraordinary, or graceful?

When I saw Bin’s idea of the virtual time capsule in Jason’s class this Monday…

In the last two years, same-sex marriage law officially took effect on 24th May 2019; namely, from that day, same sex marriages were officially made legal. Five hundred twenty-six couples decided to wed on that momentous day. Every household registration office was full of happiness and celebrations.

Same-sex marriage supporters take part in a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride parade in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, at the end of November last year after losing in a marriage equality referendum. | REUTERS

It was apparent…


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