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Can you live without music? Do you have any specific tastes when working or studying to move you into the flow quickly?

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Did you ever feel intense or stress out by learning anything? While you have this feeling, what would come to your mind? When it comes to learning English or a new skill, ordinary people usually sense pressure. They sometimes want to give up immediately, especially when there’s a goal needing to be achieved, e.g. level up your English skill from present to the next class. …

Have you ever been bothered by the chewing sounds next to your table in the restaurant? Or, have you noticed anyone around you who would make noises when they are eating?

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Before ASMR videos went viral, making any noise when having food used to be a terrible manner, impolite by all cultural standards. Contrastingly, it is totally different when it comes to ASMR videos. The more noises the influencer make, the higher click-through rates they obtain. …

Imagine this, when your deceased siblings, friends, or loved ones can be mourned online or in virtual scenes, what would it look like, and what would you feel? Would it be horrible, extraordinary, or graceful?

When I saw Bin’s idea of the virtual time capsule in Jason’s class this Monday, it reminded me that some designers and developers created virtual funeral artworks or products online, which is one of my ideas class. With the first glance of these ceremonies years ago, I felt a new era had already come to human beings' lives and changed this world in various aspects.

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Do you remember the first time when you played a video game or computer game? While I memorize that experience, the excitement and passion kick in. I got my first computer game from my dad, who bought “The Pink Panther: Passport to Peril” when I was ten.

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It impressed me with its exotic environments and comparative and strong colour scheme. Turning in this virtual world helped me get a taste for exotic environments and intense colour schemes. After I grew up, I started playing other computer games, online games, and console games with my brother or friends in junior high…

Last Saturday and Sunday, the annual art festival “Nuit Balanche” (sleepless night, was held near Nangang MRT station in Taiwan, which is a worldwide art festival. This overnight festival comprised various types of artworks, including visual Art Work, art performance, interdisciplinary, and special events.

Before visiting the exhibitions, I didn’t have much expectation for this event because it did not display the afflatus well in the previous two years. This time, when I walked around the area, such an art exhibit offered me full immersion into its atmosphere with interesting formats. There were some impressive formulation and integration presentations…

In the last two years, same-sex marriage law officially took effect on 24th May 2019; namely, from that day, same sex marriages were officially made legal. Five hundred twenty-six couples decided to wed on that momentous day. Every household registration office was full of happiness and celebrations.

Same-sex marriage supporters take part in a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride parade in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, at the end of November last year after losing in a marriage equality referendum. | REUTERS

It was apparent that these pairs had been waiting for a long time to own such a fundamental right in their lives. For instance, to my knowledge, many of them were forbidden to visit their partner in the hospital as they were not legally espoused, and even worse, in case of imminent death…

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Did you meet anyone who’s not an English native speaker but can speak even faster than locals? From my experience, Indians who I met generally speak fluently and fast. No matter who I met, as long as that person was an Indian, she/he would own excellent English abilities, including my previous colleague, phone service personnel, and my classmate, so people frequently mistake them for English natives. People could hardly expect that an Indian has terrible English skills. …

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Last Saturday, October 31st, was the festival of the annual LGBTQ Pride in Taiwan. I was so excited about this event since I was concerned with a relevant topic and thought it was usually celebrated like a carnival — it took the shape of a carnival. After finishing the course of technical writing, I just went out around 3:20 PM. Because of this, I arrived pretty late at around 3:45 PM when it was around 3:45 PM.

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Have you ever seen a movie called “HER” announced in 2013? This is a story about a lonely writer who built a special relationship with an AI operating system designed to reach his daily demand in a futuristic scenario. It undoubtedly created a buzz for proposing and describing different perspectives on artificial intelligence and human beings.


When I first watched “HER” years ago, I was impressed by its story and idea. The more surprising part is that, somehow, I can stand in the actor’s shoes and believe it is possible to happen shortly. I think it is due…


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