Virtual Funeral

Imagine this, when your deceased siblings, friends, or loved ones can be mourned online or in virtual scenes, what would it look like, and what would you feel? Would it be horrible, extraordinary, or graceful?

When I saw Bin’s idea of the virtual time capsule in Jason’s class this Monday, it reminded me that some designers and developers created virtual funeral artworks or products online, which is one of my ideas class. With the first glance of these ceremonies years ago, I felt a new era had already come to human beings' lives and changed this world in various aspects.

The Animal Crossing Memorial to Branden Perez. Credit; SWNS, Source:

A more amazing fact is that this kind of product even has been purchased by some companies, especially insurance organizations. This funeral means they predicted that it would prosper shortly, and plenty of people will accept this concept to mourn or reminisce about their loss.

Going into this topic deeper, we can examine that they’re actually a lot of benefits over there — no need for over there with this kind of ceremonial method, comprising:

  1. Solve the problem with running out of global space
  2. Be more environmentally friendly.
  3. Record much more materials (images, sounds, documentaries, videos, and hand-writings) than the traditional one.
  4. The scenery can be transformed a lot, instead of only one landscape surrounding the garden or sea (your grand-grand parents must be excited about it)
  5. If it’s possible, why not have both the virtual and conventional ones?

The past individuals never disappear in my life since the memories always exist in my mind, and their profound words are still influencing me, which makes me who I am.

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